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Vauxhall Insignia Parts

Replacing the Vectra, a mid sized hatchback, saloon and tourer aimed at the Executive, Company Car market and family. It arrived in the UK in 2008, with great looks, but some say outdated engines, it was European Car Of THe Year, 2009. A Major facelift occured in 2013.

CarUnited is a major Vauxhall Insignia used part locator page that will help you search for cheaper used and reconditioned spares around in the UK.

Our web site brings together links to used Vauxhall Insignia finder services and auction sites.

So Vauxhall Insignia can be located and bought at a fraction of the new price with savings of up to 80%.

Quality car spare parts

(2008 - Current) 4Dr Saloon, 5Dr Hatchback, 5Dr Estate, Opel, Country Tourer, CDTi, Sports VXr, Sports Tourer, ecoFLEX

Parts for Vauxhall Insignia manufactured from (2008 - Current) and in these body styles 4Dr Saloon, 5Dr Hatchback, 5Dr Estate, Opel, Country Tourer, CDTi, Sports VXr, Sports Tourer, ecoFLEX

MK12008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

MK2 2017, 2018, 2019

Vauxhall Insignia Engine Parts

Available in these sizes and types. 1.5l, 2.0l, 1.6l, 3.6L, 1.6L, CDi, CDTi LGX, diesel and petrol

Complete Engines

  • Diesel Engine Complete
  • Petrol Engine Complete
  • Main Diesel Block
  • Main Petrol Block

Engine Ancillaries

  • Diesel Cylinder Head, Mk1, MK2, Mk3
  • Petrol Cylinder Head, Mk1, MK2, Mk3
  • Sump, Mk1, MK2, Mk3
  • Rocker Cover, Mk1, MK2, Mk3


Used or repaired bumpers, either primed or in direct colour.

  • Front Bumper
  • Grille For Front Bumper
  • Bumper Brackets Front
  • Rear Bumper
  • Towing Cover Cap For Bumper
  • Rear Bumper Brackets

Door Mirrors

Used mirrors, normally mounted on the drivers or passenger door, sometimes on the wings.

Drivers Side Door Mirrors

  • Offside Manual Door Mirror
  • Offside Electric Door Mirror
  • Offside Heated Door Mirror

Passenger Side Door Mirrors

  • Nearside Manual Door Mirror
  • Nearside Electric Door Mirror
  • Nearside Heated Door Mirror


Used and new components related to changing gear. 4 speed, 5 speed, 6 speed systems, both automatic and manual.


  • Automatic Gearbox
  • Manual Gearbox
  • Gear stick

Clutch Parts

  • Clutch plates
  • Master Clutch Cylinder
  • Slave Clutch Cylinder

Exterior Lighting

Used headlight clusters, inclusive of main and side beam and rear lights, inclusive of brake light .

Drivers Side Headlamps

  • Offside Headlamp
  • Offside Rear Light Cluster
  • Offside Side Indicator
  • Offside Front Fog light
  • Offside Rear Fog light

Passenger Side Headlamps

  • Nearside Headlamp
  • Nearside Rear Light Cluster
  • Nearside Side Indicator
  • Nearside Front Fog light
  • Nearside Rear Fog light

Safety Components

Unused safety units such as airbags and seatbelts.


  • Full Airbag Kit
  • Steering Wheel Airbag
  • Dashboard Airbag
  • Side Airbag O/S
  • Side Airbag N/S

Pretensioner Seatbelts

  • Front Drivers Seatbelt Pretensioner
  • Front Passenger Seatbelt Pretensioner
  • Rear Offside Seatbelt Pretensioner
  • Rear Middle Seatbelt Pretensioner
  • Rear Nearside Seatbelt Retentioner

Electrical Parts

Used electrical motors, switches and more.

Electrical Motors

  • Starter Motor
  • Window Wiper Motor
  • Rear Window Wiper Motor
  • Window Motor
  • Window Washer Pump

Electrical Accessories

  • Starter Motor
  • Electric Window Switch
  • Light Switch
  • Indicator Stalk
  • Courtesy Light

Exterior Panels and Trim

Used and new panels on both side of the car, bolt on or weld.

Offside Panels, Bonnet

  • Offside Front Door
  • Offside Rear Door
  • Offside Wing
  • Offside Quarter Panel
  • Bonnet
  • Offside Exterior Door Trim
  • Offside Front Grille
  • Front Badge

Nearside Panels, Rear Hatch

  • Nearside Front Door
  • Nearside Rear Door
  • Nearside Wing
  • Nearside Quarter Panel
  • Rear Hatch
  • Nearside Exterior Door Trim
  • Rear Badge

Running Gear

Used and new springs and shockers and running gear.

Front Suspension and Steering

  • Front Suspension Strut
  • Front Spring
  • Front Shock Absorber
  • Front Wishbone
  • Power Steering Rack

Rear Suspension, Wheels and Running Gear

  • Rear Suspension Strut
  • Rear Spring
  • Rear Shock Absorber
  • Alloy Wheel Set
  • Steel Wheel
  • Rear Axle

Interior Accessories

Used Carpets, seats and inside trim and accessories.

Seating and Carpets

  • Drivers Seat
  • Front Passenger Seat
  • Rear Folding Seats
  • Carpet
  • Sound Proofing
  • Cent re Console
  • Headrests

Interior Trim

  • Front Door Panels
  • Rear Door Panels
  • Ashtray
  • Sun Visors
  • Dashboard
  • Speedometer Cluster
  • Parcel Shelf

Ignition Parts

Electrical Ignition components, to get you started.

  • Ignition Coil
  • Ignition leads
  • Ignition Switch


Used accessories, interior and exterior.

  • CD Player Radio
  • Sat Nav
  • Body Kit
  • Turbo
  • Wheel Trims
  • Dog Guard
  • Boot Tidy
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Spot Lights
  • Mud Guards