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CarUnited is a major used part locator service that will help you search for cheaper used and reconditioned spares around in the UK for your car or van. Our web site system matches your request with dozens of nationwide salvage yards and suppliers to help you attain genuine replacements that can be bought at a fraction of the price new with savings of up to 80%.

Buying aftermarket spares can sometimes affect warranties and in some cases are not of the quality of the originals, so the CarUnited service can be more than just saving money. There is little need to pick up a phone or drive around, these parts suppliers will come to you with prices updated via your personal quotation screen and emails.

Salvage And Scrap Cars Provide Stock

Most newer spares are provided from damaged and crashed vehicles bought in by specialists who buy these from insurance companies. These donor scrap cars may be un-economical to repair, but often have very valuable re-usable spares that can be recycled and re-used. More information here

Used Van and Car Spares Prices Versus New

As a whole most breaker yards offer used spares, but do occasionally hold new stock including accessories, so check the part description. It is recommended that some accessories should only be bought new, especially those related to your braking system such as brake pads etc.

Ford Parts

The inventor of the motoring production line, Ford revolutionised how cars are made and have been at the forefront of technology design and brand trust since they started over 100 years ago. Car part assembly became a process rather than an art. Famous sayings like "you can have any colour you like, providing it's black", came from making as many vehicles in the quickest time, bringing automobile prices down, to be accessible to the ordinary people. This seems to be still in their DNA, with no real luxury cars to speak of.

Vauxhall Parts

Based in Luton and is the second largest motor manufacturer in terms of sales in the UK, producing some of the most popular models with a long lasting history and owned by General Motors. Vauxhall has been a British favourite for decades