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CarUnited is a major used part locator service that will help you search for cheaper used and reconditioned spares around in the UK for your car or van. Our web site system matches your request with dozens of nationwide salvage yards and suppliers to help you attain genuine replacements that can be bought at a fraction of the price new with savings of up to 80%.

Buying aftermarket spares can sometimes affect warranties and in some cases are not of the quality of the originals, so the CarUnited service can be more than just saving money. There is little need to pick up a phone or drive around, these parts suppliers will come to you with prices updated via your personal quotation screen and emails.

Salvage And Scrap Cars Provide Stock

Most newer spares are provided from damaged and crashed vehicles bought in by specialists who buy these from insurance companies. These donor scrap cars may be un-economical to repair, but often have very valuable re-usable spares that can be recycled and re-used. More information here

Used Van and Car Spares Prices Versus New

As a whole most breaker yards offer used spares, but do occasionally hold new stock including accessories, so check the part description. It is recommended that some accessories should only be bought new, especially those related to your braking system such as brake pads etc.

Audi Parts

Luxury german manufacturer that with Audi's partnership with VW, it is now fully respected as building some of the most desired models in the world. Advancement through Technology has been Audi's trademark for decades, although "Vorsprung durch Technik" was how it was pronounced on every TV ad for some time.

BMW Parts

The Bayerische Motoren Werke or "Bayen Motor Works" is its official name, but we know them as the German manufacturer synonymous with manufacturing quality luxury and executive cars. Very few spares are shared with other manufactures, so BMW is the only option. Rigorous testing is applied to all car parts before manufacture, so even used components can have much life still in them.

Citroen Parts

Citroen have not always' been great on quality and many car parts are in abundence and easier to source but often you can get more for your money than other European brands.

Fiat Parts

Based in Turin, this Italian motor manufacturer is integral to Italy's economy and jobs and owns (or co-owns) other National brands including Alfa Romeo, Lancia and the famous Ferrari.

Ford Parts

The inventor of the motoring production line, Ford revolutionised how cars are made and have been at the forefront of technology design and brand trust since they started over 100 years ago. Car part assembly became a process rather than an art. Famous sayings like "you can have any colour you like, providing it's black", came from making as many vehicles in the quickest time, bringing automobile prices down, to be accessible to the ordinary people. This seems to be still in their DNA, with no real luxury cars to speak of.

Honda Parts

An in out relationship with Formula One has driven technology, although going forward low emission models and Hybrids appear to the future for Honda.

Jaguar Parts

One of the true British motoring names that still survives today, although under Tata ownership which is an Indian manufacturer. Modern models give competitive German brands a run for their money and the good news is, they are still built in the UK although the supply of used car parts can be difficult to source, such is the demand.

Kia Parts

The South Korean manufacturer that has gained a huge reputation boost in the UK in recent years with their 7 year warranty and new dynamic designs. Kia are now making vehicles that are now desired rather than a cheap alternative, which has changed their fortunes. Soucing newer model spares is still mainly retricted to crashed vehicles.

LandRover Parts

Regularly described as the best off road machines in the world that used by the army, police, safaris and farmers worldwide. Bolt on a Luxury 4x4 used by the world's celebrities, royalty and world leaders and Landrover is a very respectable British born car manufacturer.

Mazda Parts

The Japanese manufacturer that has enjoyed a foothold in the UK market since the late 70's. Mazda has a reputation for reliability and a special popularity of its British inspired sports car such as the MX 5 (called the Eunos in Japan).

Mercedes Parts

This premium German car and van manufacturer relates to quality, sport and luxury and currently a major force in F1. Owning a Mercedes requires only the best, which can be costly, see if we can save you money.

Mitsubishi Parts

Jackie Chan's favourite car, used in most of his movies. Although a large range of different size models are available, it seems it is Mitsubish's off road or pickups and performance EVO's that get the most attention.

Nissan Parts

Brand of automobiles has been an international staple in the industry since the first Datsun rolled off the assembly line in 1935. Over the years, Nissan has remained a pioneer in automotive technology by creating award-winning car engine designs and advanced electronics to enhance the ride.

Peugeot Parts

Whether you pronounce the first syllable of the brand with a "Per" or a "Pu", you can't deny this is another French manufacturer with a major foothold in Great Britain, with models of all sizes on the main sellers list.

Renault Parts

Some favourite models are produced by this Major French badge,from small hatches, to People Carriers to high mileage capability larger saloons often sharing car parts and technology with Citroen. Renault vans also extremely popular with commercial users

Seat Parts

A brand that shares its technology with the "VAG" group, so specialists often cover all parts for these cars. The names of the models should give it away of what country this brand historically emulates form all being named after Spanish towns and cities.

Skoda Parts

Since VW have taken over and most of the spares are now shared with those favourite German models, they have risen to a level nearly level to the Volkswagen brand. Look for a taxi and these is a high chance it will be an "Octavia" or "Superb" doing the hard work. Try finding a second hand version of these cheap and you will disappointed, as taxi firms snatch them up so donor vehicles that supply many used car parts we need are often bought in as salvage than end of life cars.

Toyota Parts

Has to be one fo th most repected car manufacturing brands in the world. For decades they were top for reliability and customer service. However, lately some bland designs and expensive window prices has reduced demand in the UK.

Vauxhall Parts

Based in Luton and is the second largest motor manufacturer in terms of sales in the UK, producing some of the most popular models with a long lasting history and owned by General Motors. Vauxhall has been a British favourite for decades

Volkswagen Parts

VW is the main brand of the Group that owns many other manufacturers including Audi, Skoda, Seat and Bentley to name a few. Combined it is currently the second largest manufacturer in the world based on 2011 sales figures.

Volvo Parts

Often labeled as the safest cars in the world and the biggest export from Sweden, they have enjoyed a certain fan base for decades now, especially with their estate models. Built to handle the cold Swedish winters, (even in the 70's their adverts suggested the average model lasted 17 years) these vehicles do last, a negative has been the square designs that have made them instantly recognisable. The manufacturing expands outside the car market to include trucks, busses and more.